Virtual Display Case: January 2009

Star Trek Classic Captain's Chair Replica

Now come on, who doesn't want their own captain's chair? Even people who don't like Star Trek want their own captain's chair, it's just common sense. If I had my own captain's chair, I would modify it so the buttons actually did stuff, like installing a universal remote into it, or a speaker phone. Also an intercom so I can hail the Missus in the kitchen to fetch me pretzels and sody pop. (Hell, as long as I'm indulging in ridiculous fantasies here, I might as well go all the way).

By the way, this chair retails for $2717.01, so I think they only need to sell 3 in order to meet Diamond's newly-announced minimum sales requirement and avoid being cancelled.

Battle Damaged Mjolnir

Od's Blood, I want this so bad, wisecracks fail me. I can't even joke. "Leather-wrapped handle"-- Please, everyone just turn away, lest you see my rugged manly eyes tearing up...

Flux Capacitor Replica
On the one hand, this is kind of neat memento of Back to the Future but on the other-- it basically just looks like a fuse box. I know that's sort of the point, it looks like something Doc Brown would whip up in his garage, but for $275 you could probably drop by Home Depot and buy your own fuse box. Now if it actually permitted time travel, then we'd have something...

Zatanna Cover Girls of the DC Universe Statue

Just keep repeating: "It's just a piece of porcelain...it's just a piece of porcelain...."

Conan the Conqueror Statue

I know I just featured a Conan statue a few months ago, but this one really jumps out at me. They did a great job of translating the original Frazetta painting, dontcha think? With that maniacal look on his, he looks like he's about to grab Zatanna by her hair, throw her across his horse and gallop off in triumph...

Black Cthulhu Statue

...but before Zatanna has a chance to claw Conan's eyes out, Black Cthulhu rises from the depths of the Netherworld, his dread shadow casting a pall of despair over the doomed land. Zatanna suddenly cries out, "Dratsab ylgu uoy, lleh ot og!" and Conan, freaked out, lets her down gently from his steed and beats a hasty retreat.

Wow, bad enough I'm dreaming about toys I can't afford, now I'm plotting out entire scenarios in my head using them. I am truly a sick man.

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