Dusty Abell Rocks the 70's

Ever since I saw this gorgeous nostalgia-trip artwork on the Major Spoilers website (who in turn saw it on myextralife.com who in turn got it from Dusty's website) I keep staring and staring at it. More details seem to emerge every time I look at it. By no means were all of the shows represented above top-shelf entertainment, but if you were a certain age in the 70's (that is, a little kid easily wowed and not yet stricken with terminal cynicism) these goofy shows were an absolute blast.

There's a super-gigundo version if you want to pour over every nifty retro detail. Just zip over to Dusty's site and click the thumbnail. Then go make it sandwich; it might take a minute to upload the page!

Bravo, Dusty Abell! You totally rule!!!

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