Virtual Display Case: Post-Christmas Hangover Edition

Howdy, space cadets! Now that you've spread holiday cheer to friends and loved ones for another year, it's time to get back to eleven months of coveting neat geeky goodies for numero uno!

Umbrella Academy Loot

Now that Umbrella Academy is my new favorite book of the moment, I've started to notice all the cool tie-ins they have coming down the pike. I could take or leave the Vanya statue, but I sure wish they had released a hardcover of the Apocalypse Suite before the softcover!

Huntress PVC

I don't even particularly care for the character of Huntress, but for some unaccountable reason I think this is a real cool design. Nice work!

Buck Rogers Atomic Disintegrator Pistol

Let's face it: this is the raygun of all rayguns. Heck, even the Foo Fighters pay tribute to it on the cover of their first album. But am I crazy to think that for 180 bucks I could track down an original on ebay instead of settling for a replica? Hell for 180 bucks it should actually be capable of disintegrating stuff! Now that would be a cool toy!

B.P.R.D. Ring
Most mornings when I roll out of bed, I feel just as freakish as the folks in the BPRD. I feel like I'd fit right in-- except for the part about not having any superpowers. (Alas)

Avengers Hall of Fame: Falcon and Iron Man

The Avengers are my all-time favorite superteam. If I had a stately geek manor as opposed to a boring old, y'know, house, I would have an entire hall devoted to every hero who has ever been an Avenger. Although I guess I would have to include Wolverine and Spider-Man, in that case (sigh) My favorite Iron Man armor is the early design with the pointed mask, but the above classic look is a close second. Are you like me, did you immediately recognize the pose from the cover of Iron Man #126?:

Blassreiter Berzerker:

I have no idea what Blassreiter is; never heard of it, never seen a minute of it. Alls I know is this is a cool-looking character. Sorta like a bastard love child of Baron Karza and a ninja!

Gossamer and Mad Scientist Vinyl Set:

Okay, seeing how this one is only 12 bucks, I may have to break down and get it. Monsters are the most iiiiiiiinteresting people!


Shem said...

The Umbrella Academy figures look cool. Shame my budget won't stretch that far.

And pointy-faceplate Iron Man always looked odd to me. "Hey, Tony, you left a couple little bits sticking out up there..."

Space Cadet Juan said...

You think that's bad, have you seen Nova's new getup? If he makes any sharp turns he's going to impale anyone standing behind him on those pointy gauntlets...

Shem said...


No, I missed that one. I stayed away from Annihilation. Doesn't look too different from his old outfit, except more armor-y and with those spiked gloves. Maybe he can team up with Penance.

Oddly enough, the verification word for this post is "fistinf."