Virtual Display Case: November 2008

Well kiddies, the economy's in the toilet and there's little disposable income to be spread around this Christmas. Time to obsess about more useless stuff I can't afford. Whoo-hoo!

Star Wars X-Wing Fighter Cross Section 3D Model Kit:

Y'know, the X-Wing isn't one of my favorite spaceships- it's not even in my top ten. But for some unaccountable reason, I dig the whole idea of being able to open this bad boy up and laying it out, as if it were in the middle of maintenance between missions. There's something way cool about that to me. Not 250 buck cool, but cool.

Looney Tunes: Figaro Sericel:

If I had wall space to devote to artwork, I wouldn't hang Picassos or Van Gogts-- I'd be hanging Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd. However, Space Cadet Juan has no wall space, as his entire Secret HQ is covered wall-to-wall with book shelves.

Marvel Legends Action Figure 2-Packs:
Okay, so I don't like the Ultimate universe, and as a diehard Avengers fan, I like those nasty SOBs in the Ultimates even less. However, design wise, I have to admit Ultimate Nick Fury and Ultimate Cap are badass, brutha. What's up with the spare Steve Rogers face, though?

Life-Sized Fone Bone Plush Toy:

My daughter and I have been reading through the entire Bone saga for the past 6 months or so; at the moment we are halfway though Crown of Horns, which is the final volume. When I saw this pic I briefly considered getting it as a Christmas gift to commemorate our journey. Then I noticed the 40 dollar price tag and realized my daughter is getting too old to play with dolls and already has enough plush toys to populate a small country.

The Big Lebowski Urban Achiever Series 3 Action Figures:

I knew that the Big Lebowski has developed a big cult following over the years, but enough to spawn its own action figure line? This is series 3, no less! Me, I'm waiting for the set of Fargo toys and figures: "Blood-encrusted wood chipper sold separately"

Eclipse Phase RPG:

Seems my RPG days are long behind me, due to lack of time and the slight inconvenience of having moved hundreds of miles away from my playgroup. However, I have been known in the past to buy RPG books just for the enjoyment of reading through them, even if I know I will probably never get the chance to actually play 'em. This game sounded pretty good, and the website shows off some nice artwork (presentation is key, people), but here's the thing: when the hell did RPGs hike up to 50 bucks? That's steep for a game I'll never play, but doesn't it sound fun:

"Humanity stands on the cusp of a new age! Advancements in biotechnology, nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, and cognitive science have transformed our lives. Everyone is wirelessly networked with the world around them - AIs process vast amounts of information, biotechnology allows people to genefix, enhance, and clone their bodies, and memories can be digitized, uploaded, transferred over long distances, and downloaded into new bodies (biological or synthetic). Death has been defeated - for those who can afford it! But, transhumanity reaped the rewards of its arrogance when a group of military AIs known as TITANS achieved full sentience, and turned against transhumanity, enveloping the system in unprecedented levels of violence, disaster, and warfare! What began as a struggle between man and machine escalated into a whirlwind of conflict between political factions, revolutionaries, and hypercorps, and in less than a year, transhumanity was nearly wiped out! In the aftermath of the Fall, transhumanity lives on, divided into a patchwork of hypercorp combines, survivalist stations, transhuman faction species, and city-state habitats. Welcome to the far-flung future world of Eclipse Phase, the Roleplaying Game of Transhuman Conspiracy and Horror! Utilizing an innovative, streamlined, and flexible d100/percentile system, Eclipse Phase thrusts players into a secretive and dangerous conspiracy that seeks to save transhumanity! "

Supernova Board Game:

Again, I know I'm starting to sound like a crotchety old man, but when the hell did board games get up to $69.95? Me, I blame Bush. Actually, that's my all-purpose answer to most things, "It's all Bush's fault." But anyway, do you get to fly actual spaceships in this game, or what?

"In this game of space expansion and exploration, five civilizations are abandoning their solar system to escape the upcoming Supernova of their sun! Conquer new solar systems by taking over planets, mining moons, and building the most powerful fleet of ships by upgrading your Weapons, Shields, Communications, or Engines. Capture the most space by the time the star goes Supernova to be proclaimed the winner!"

Life Counter Rings:
Probably the nerdiest thing in this whole nerdy post, but I can't help it, there's something really appealing about this thing. Why mess around with scratch paper and pencil when you can keep track of your character hit points and accessorize your outfit at the same time? Goes great with sweat pants and a Green Lantern t-shirt. When you heal up back to full, you can stroke and fawn over your Hit Point ring and call it "Precious".

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