My Virtual Display Case: Previews October 2008

Here's the start of a new ongoing feature here at Rock the Raygun called "My Virtual Display Case", in which yours truly pours over the latest issue of Previews and basically slobbers all over the kewl and overpriced toys that would look great on display in his Secret HQ, if only he had unlimited resources and space and zero familial responsibilities. If I were independently wealthy with a few thousand square feet of display space in my palatial estate, I would probably create a veritable museum to geekdom. In lieu of this, posting images of some of the cooler stuff I'd love to have is the closest I can come. It's materialism at its geekiest and most pathetic!

Before getting to the fun toys, I wanted to point out a couple of newly-solicited books of interest to space cadets everywhere: You can now preorder the complete HC collection of Universal War One from Marvel. In my very first post I talked about how impressed I was with the first issue and am looking forward to the rest. Discount Comic Book Service is offering this for a whopping 50% off the $24.99 cover price-- I'm not getting paid to advertise that, either, it's just a damn good price. Also I'm incredibly intrigued by not-so-subtly titled Holy Sh*t!-- sounds like a blast.

Buck Rogers Statue:

I'm actually partial to Flash Gordon, but damn if this isn't a wicked cool statue! It so perfectly captures the aesthetic of this site, I feel like I should change my profile image. This goes for a paltry $189... you see why I'm settling for ogling the image! Basically, when you go around calling yourself "Space Cadet Juan", this is how you picture yourself in your deluded mind's eye.

R2-D2 USB Hub:

This one is practical as well as cool; who couldn't use extra USB ports for all the techno-junk we plug into our computers? This goes for 45 bucks, which is about 30 more than a 4-port hub that doesn't look like the greatest droid in the galaxy. But would a plain old Linksys model light your heart up with joy? I think not.

Gundam Fix Figuration Metal Action Figure:

Let's not beat around the bush here: this is a hundred dollar toy that's only five inches tall. But it's die-cast metal, fully articulated, and "features various hands and a host of weapons"! Drool, drool.

Conan the Barbarian statue:

Crom! A mere 239 gold pieces.

Tribble Role Play:

I'm kind of surprised no one thought of this sooner: a tribble replica toy that "features real sound and motion" Hopefully it doesn't reproduce when it gets into your grain supply.

Batman Black & White Bruce Timm Statue:

Granted Batman is a cool looking character, and so popular that there is probably at least one new statue of him every month. But this is based on the design sensibility of the fantastic Batman Animated co-creator Bruce Timm, which makes it double-secret cool.

Serenity Valley Map Limited Edition Lithograph:
Boy, how esoteric can you get? A detailed map of an imaginary battle on a made-up planet, based on a TV show that was cancelled after less than a dozen episodes aired! Want it anyway.

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